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Changing the Game


Changing the Game

My Mini Testimony,


My name is Jose Miguel Duran, I grew up in a bad neighborhood, my dad wasn’t around, I spent a long time living like I'm inhaling and breathing from an unhealthy atmosphere. At 15 I started engaging in heavy criminal activity. This included: doing drugs, selling drugs, in stolen cars, receiving stolen merchandise. I became a liar, a drug addict and a thief all at the snap of a finger. Not saying I was better than other addicts but I was what they call a “functional” addict.


What I had to change to make a better me was people, places, and things because as cliche as it may sound, jail institutions and death will be the results of living life as a delinquent. I was sentenced to serve 262 months (21 years and 8 months) at this point, I lost my mind. I thought to myself wow, mom/dad will be gone, and I’ll be older. My kids will have their own lives ... My siblings will be of age to where they aren’t going to worry about me , they will have kids of their own, with their own problems.


By the grace of God I won an appeal in federal court, I went back It was reduced to 19 years and 5 months. 2 years later I receive amazing news! My consular, calls me over the intercom:


“Duran please come to my office”.


I arrive at his door and he's got a huge smile, “conrgats”.


I said "what's up


“Your lawyer will be calling back, you've got another win”


A few weeks later I went back to court, in the state of Maine. A few months later it was reduced to 144 months. Now I see daylight! In court I cried and screamed. I got 4 1/2 years left and then I will be eating my favorite plate cooked by my mom! My release date went from February 26th, 2024 to September 14th, 2013. God is good! I gave thanks to the judge, shook my attorneys hand with a teary eye. I hugged him. I was very thankful.


It took about 3 years to get that criminal thinking out of my system. My sick mind, convict mentality had me believing that I had to act tough (play the part). With little time left, I was holding on to something that needed to become my past. “No programs just do the time” I thought. If I had done the Residential Drug Treatment Program of which I could have earned 18 months good time, I could have gone home sooner but I was still playing convict. Finally with 18 months left I enrolled myself in , completed RDAP and only earned 42 days , I wished I had let go of being a convict much sooner , I learned that I was a selfish individual, what’s worse, I wanted to be that!


If I wanted to be that percent of felons that was on the positive side of the recidivism rate (the no return) I needed to work hard to never, ever give the government the satisfaction. My family, loved ones, kids and wife along with my step kids deserve that.


Today I can look in the mirror and say, “I'm proud of YOU!”


I would like to thank my family, girlfriend, stepkids , friends and loved-ones especially Andres K . Gonzales for believing in me and introducing me into the Video world ... Thanks a Million!



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