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Laura Nek - Mature Stimulation


Laura Nek - Mature Stimulation

NAME: Laura Nek

LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland



Playas Only: Have you ever considered modeling?


Laura: “Yes, I began considering modeling a few years ago and finally got enough guts to do some professional photos after all my friends kept insisting I do it. However, at this stage modeling is just a fun hobby for me. It’s something I do with pleasure and enthusiasm and I am not taking myself too serious because I look good on some pics.”




Playas Only: What makes the perfect date?

 Laura: “To try something new or visit a new place, have lots of fun and laugh.”




Playas Only: Name 3 qualities you look for in a man?


Laura: “Intelligence, sense of humor and dependability.”


 Playas Only: Do you prefer a man be in control, or do you like taking the lead?


Laura: “Every strong woman needs from time to time that her man be in control. But a real man always knows when to allow his woman to take the lead.”




Playas Only: Tell us the worse rumor you heard about yourself?


Laura:  “I don’t pay attention to rumors as they normally come from jealous people with no real personal life.”


Playas Only: What’s the dumbest pickup line you ever heard?


Laura: Nice tattoo, what’s the meaning?’ Or ‘Nice tattoos, did it hurt a lot doing them?’… Please, don’t ever ask a person with tattoos those questions if you intend to pick them up! You will make a lot bigger impression if you pretend his/her tattoos don’t even exist rather than asking such questions. I’m really tired of being asked such things.”


Playas Only: What’s the best pickup line you ever heard?

Laura: “How can I express with words that you actually make me speechless?”


Playas Only: What’s the furthest a man has gone to get your attention?


Laura: “Let’s just say that a simple gesture/action means a lot more than anything else when this gesture has a personal meaning - then the man totally has a chance to get my attention.”




Plays Only: Your man cheats. Do you consider giving him a 2nd chance, why or why not?


 Laura: “Men often cheat but most of the time they don’t put emotions, whereas women get emotional and then cheat. If I am convinced that it was only sex without emotions, perhaps I can forgive and give him a 2nd chance but I will never forget.”




Playas Only: What’s your favorite men’s cologne?


Laura:  “Invictus by Paco Rabanne.”


Playas Only: Do you watch sports? If so, what team do you root for?


Laura: “I watch football and only one team - Barcelona!”


Playas Only: What makes a man sexy?


Laura: “His charming smile, gentle hands and good looking shoes.”


Playas Only: Who do you consider the sexiest athlete?


Laura: “David Beckam – always looks flawless, has a lot of tattoos and British accent, shall I tell more?”



Playas Only: How can a man impress you?


 Laura: “Listening to what I say on our 1st date and then do something on our 2nd date which clearly shows he listened carefully.”


Playas Only: First date – Do you wear your freakum dress?


Laura: “Not really, I don’t need such a dress to impress a man on the 1st date.”



Playas Only: What do you consider an instant turn off about a man?


Laura: “Dirty shoes because it means for me this man doesn’t pay attention to details and doesn’t respect himself enough and if he doesn’t respect himself enough I cannot expect from him to respect myself enough either.”


Playas Only: When did you get your first tattoo?


Laura: “With my 1st salary, I was 17 years old. It was a small spider which I covered up later with a rose and skull. I still remember the feeling of freedom back then because I finally did it regardless of the tattoo’s size.”



Playas Only: What inspired you to get a tattoo?


Laura: “I’ve always liked tattoos and the way they help you to express yourself. I don’t like people who do it just because it’s popular. This is personal art and not everybody can understand it. It’s something very emotional and a pain that I’m used to, I need it from time to time to remind myself a few things.”



Playas Only: What one goal do you plan to achieve in the next year?


Laura: “Visit at least 2 new places around the world. Travelling makes me feel alive!”

 Props to the photographers: Petar Todorinski, Kiril Hristov, Borislav Yosifov

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