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Top 10 Instagram Accounts To Follow Now!


Top 10 Instagram Accounts To Follow Now!

Are you on Instagram? Instagram has become quite popular, for those who don’t know what Instagram is, Instagram is a mobile photo and video-sharing social networking service. It’s just pictures and videos, with the usage of hashtags as a means to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a compilation of all pictures or videos that use the same tag.

Anyway, never mind the technicalities of it, if you know Instagram, you would know that it has become a huge platform for people to gain fame and fortune. Don’t believe me? Just ask Kendall Jenner, who has 69 million followers and charges top dollar for the promotion of your product if you want it sold!

A whole lot of young men and women are really considering turning into Instagram models, all I can say is good luck with that!

Despite all this, we at Playas Only are huge fans of Instagram. So much so, we present to you the Top 10 Instagram accounts to follow right now!


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10. @toribrixx: First and foremost she’s a DJ and then she’s just all around fine as fuck!

9. @iamtaylorhall: This 23 year old, mainly seems like a marine, gamer and a student… that’s all what it seems like on the surface. Lets just say, it’s hard to believe she exist. Like, really, we wonder if she’s real.

8. @sommerray: She is 20 years old, she has over 10 million followers and… well, I would say she’s a professional ass model. She's quite good at it too, probably the best!


7. @aleleo31: Looks Latina, to me, do correct me if I’m wrong. She is a Miami Realtor, so not only does she look hot to death, she also can sell you your next home if you’re considering to settle in Miami. It gets no better than that.





6. @__itscelina: The world’s largest ethnic group, and on Instagram it’s represented just the same. Our Mandarin however it’s not up to par, so we tend to follow the English speaking Asians. By the way, this is not your average Asian girl, she’s Cambodian and Chinese. We're getting two flavors for the price of one :)



 5:  @angelica_anders Angelica Anders is a bad ass tattoo model from Russia… Sorry about that, FITNESS tattoo model. Anyway, if you ever doubted as to whether or not tattoos looked good, well this is the one person to change your mind if you ever thought they look bad.


4. @jayecarrero: We always thought she was Dominican, but it turns out she may be Haitian (same island). She’s a jewelry designer and she actually puts together some dope pieces. Did we mention she has one of the tightest frames on Instagram! Check her out.


3.  @annanystrom: This beauty is from Stockholm, Sweden. Some time back I came across some photo just on some random website, I always wondered, who the fuck is this! Yes, this is her. The baddest blond on the internet.


2. @missdollycastro: She’s a Bars and Branches owner and one of the hottest, thickest, curviest, fittest, most stylish woman on IG.


1. @laisribeiro: Our number 1 choice is… an actual model. Why not, she’s beautiful, seems like a fun person, and definitely the type to take home to mom and dad like - “sooo what do you guys think?”


Please feel free to comment and share with us any that you think should be on our list.. I'm sure there's already a whole new wave of IG models. If not, you can always follow our page @playasonlygram we post some models we find interesting every now and then. Holla!

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