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Yissendy Trinidad - Be On The Lookout


Yissendy Trinidad - Be On The Lookout

Yissendy Trinidad was featured on our site as a Jaw Dropper a few years back. Then when she was featured she was into modeling, this time around though, Yissendy has matured into other areas. Yissendy now is pursuing acting and she’s very passionate about the prospects. We at Playas Only want to wish her nothing but the best in her new ventures.

Check out what she has to say below.

Playas Only: How did you get into acting?

Yissendy: "I have always been interested in the world of entertainment but when I lived in Boston I had the opportunity to work on my first film and that's when I discovered how much I liked it."


Playas Only: Who’s your favorite actor and why?

Yissendy: "Actually I have many favorite actors if I start I won’t finish today but Viola Davis is one of my favorites because of the potential that she has as an actress. She does not act she lives it and as an actress that's what I learned. I see her as an example to follow."

Playas Only: How does your gender play a role with trying to get into acting?

Yissendy: "As a woman there are many opportunities in the world of acting, the only thing is as a Hispanic it's a little more difficult because I have an accent and limits me for some roles but I'm working on my American Accent to see if I can get more opportunities."

 Playas Only: What fun fact would some of your fans not be aware of?


Yissendy: "Well I’ve been working with my partner  on creating our own TV show. I can't give that much information right now. All I can say it's a comedy."

Playas Only: As an actress what is the process you engage in to take on a role?

Yissendy:  "The process is simple you have to believe that you are that person and what you would do if you were that person. The more natural you come across the easier to get therole."


Playas Only: What’s your favorite men’s cologne?


Yissendy: "Mmm Armani Code is one of my favorites."


Playas Only: What’s the furthest a man has gone to get your attention?


Yissendy: "OMG he started singing a song for me in front of everyone in a public place. "

Playas Only: What is your favorite sports team?


Yissendy:  "I’m from Boston so the Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots baby. "

 Playas Only: How can a man impress you?

Yissendy: "To me material things do not impress me that much what impresses me is what kind of person he is inside. Is he a humble person and has good intentions towards me."


Playas Only: Have you ever been arrested? If yes, why?


Yissendy: "Never!"

Playas Only: If not an actress, what profession would you choose?

Yissendy: "Honestly ever since I was a young little girl I liked the entertainment world and always said that I would like to have my own TV show. Lately I've been writing and creating my own movie and TV shows so I feel like I've been working in the entertainment world for a long time."

Playas Only: How many auditions have you participated in?

Yissendy: "A lot of auditions, I lost track already."

Playas Only: What is something that you know now that you wish you knew before starting out as an actor?

Yissendy: "Everything comes to you at the right moment and at the right time and I think everything that is happening to me now is because now is the moment for me. I appreciate every opportunity and every person that comes in my life."

Playas Only: What advice do you have for aspiring actors?

Yissendy: "Be patient and believe in yourself. Do not listen to anyone who tells you that you cannot do this or that you do not have talent. You are the only person who knows what you are capable of and how much you want this. It is not easy but it is not impossible either. Negative people take them out of your life and only accept those that are positive and are willing to help you and grow with you in your career. Educate and prepare yourself the more you know the better opportunities you will have."

Playas Only: What one goal do you wish to achieve in the next year?

Yissendy: "I want to pitch my TV show to a network."



You can catch more of Yissendy by visiting her website at yissendy.com , instagram,  and twitter. You can also check out her IMDB page.




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