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Tekashi69 - Sneaking Up On You


Tekashi69 - Sneaking Up On You

People have been asking me, what do I think of Tekashi69 or 6ix9ine, whatever his name is. So I’ve been checking his music, thats what we need to really be paying attention to. Never mind his hair color, rainbow teeth, is he a gangbanger or not. Never mind all that. That can be a pretty good, packed gimmick put together by whoever’s behind him. Or, it can actually be who he is.

Personally, I think he has opened a back door in order for NYC Hip-Hop to come back. I don’t think he’s the right person to lead, neither do I think he’ll end up at the forefront, but DJ’s etc. if they're smart, they can use this as the wave that floods the market with hardcore NYC music.


"All these new young artist from NYC, they struggle to go mainstream"


All these new young artist from NYC, they struggle to go mainstream, I know there’s  Pro Era with Joey Bada$$ and few others, but they have that old school sounding boom bap. There’s no real new school sound to define NYC. There were some that the streets hoped would create a new wave, but they never took off.

Ya’ll remember when Bobby Schmurda dropped, there’s no denying Hot Nigga, that track was soufflé, he had a movement with the whole GS9, they were making noise, then they all went to jail. Then we had  Desiigner drop Panda, that track had everybody throwing up a frenzy, Kanye West went out and signed the boy, however, it was not a New York sound. Desiigner was mumbling and at times singing etc. and most important to the 5 boroughs he had zero bars. Then there was Young M.A, man oh man, shorty went extra hard on “OOOUUU” but lets be honest that was Bobby Schmurda’s flow from start to finish. Regardless she had bars though, but really where’s she at? Then of course there’s Cardi B. She’s holding it down somewhat, although I don’t think her lyrics are attractive (unlike that ass). I think she’s annoying at times too.

Now, on to your boy Tekashi, he’s not super lyrical or someone to tote as the new age Nas and put him against Kendrick. So far though he’s proving to be able to make songs. His voice and flow, are in my opinion, dope as fuck. He reminds me of ONYX and DMX. When DMX dropped, he wasn’t super lyrical for an NYC cat, especially at a time when there’s Jay Z, Nas, the whole Wu-Tang is hot, Big Pun and other lyrical dudes are rocking, however DMX’s songs were aggressive as fuck and got anybody amped. DMX sold millions out the gate, he was commercial as they come with a hardcore sound. This is what Tekashi69 can achieve, if you can turn off his looks and just listen to the music.


"He reminds me of ONYX and DMX"



So, I’m not going to hold you up, here’s my take on the boy. Musically, he’s with the shits.

He can be the Trojan horse for the ultimate NYC come back. His beat selection, they sound like Drill or some Chicago sound, with a twist. The tempo is sped matching his energy and aggression. He doesn’t sound like he’s coincidentally from Down south. His lyrical content, I know its played out ,the gang shit, shoot em up, blah blah, yes, it’s booooring. 




"He can be the Trojan horse for the ultimate NYC come back"



This is what I’m digging from him though:

  • The boy is not mumbling.
  • He's not singing on hooks or harmonizing a la Drake.
  • There’s little to no Auto Tune
  • At the gym, this shit gets you fucking pumped as fuck
  • In the clubs, this the type of music to get your adrenaline spiked, similar to when Shook Ones by Mobb Deep came on.



If we can get a wave of MC’s on this same path, it’s a matter of time before somebody strikes a chord that takes over for NYC. I'm sick of the “politically correct, wanting to just get on and go hang out with Jay Z and Diddy ass rappers. We need a shake up. I'm sorry NYC but for  now Tekashi69 and his colorful hair, is good, lets see if he’s good enough. He has a project dropping on February 23rd.


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