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Tupac Shakur - If Alive Tonight


Tupac Shakur - If Alive Tonight

Tupac is easily one of the greatest personalities in Hip-Hop history. He came up from hard times, his immediate family was tied to revolutionary group The Black Panthers. He was into poetry  wrote many poems and he lived accross several parts of the USA remaining in the streets allowing him to craft a unique style. He spoke with true life hardship and pain along with a powerful social message. His content and range was diverse and to most fans, a constant contradiction.

If you’ve ever listened and watched Tupac, you would agree that if he were to be a part of todays current Rap scene, not only would he easily fit right in, he would still manage to stand out. Lets go through the check list:

Gang Ties
Been to Jail
Actor on the Big Screen
Feuds with other rappers



"he would be the most outspoken, reckless, no holds barred celebrity on the planet. Tupac would be Kanye West on Steroids"

And the list goes on… However, none of these were the things that made him. It was mainly his character and how he delivered his message in the booth and outside the booth.  If Tupac were alive, living NOW,  with the ease of access and means to express himself  via social media and so on… he would be the most outspoken, reckless, no holds barred celebrity on the planet. Tupac would be Kanye West on steroids, he would surpass any of 50 cent’s antics. He would make Donald Trump look sane if he were on Twitter. I think however, he would be 100% on point with every tweet.


Tupac had many run-ins with the law, from the death of a young boy near a school shot by a gun registered to him, to a shoot out with off-duty police officers, he managed to have all charges dropped. He was articulate and witty. I’m sure his lawyers were competent but I don’t doubt that whenever Pac spoke on behalf of his own defense, judges took heed.

My gripe with Tupac though is that, despite the era or time frame in Rap history you place him in, he would be destined to die young. It was quite apparent in his music, with songs like, If I die 2Night (guess we know what that’s about) and Open Fire to name a couple, he called for an early death. His most predictive song is I Ain’t Mad At Cha. The video is spine tingling and prophetic of his very demise. It’s an incredible song nevertheless.





 "His most predictive song is I Ain’t Mad At Cha"


I firmly believe, that as entertaining he was to some and enthralling to many, his mouth  would ultimately get him in trouble. Tupac was aware that he had a big mouth and liked to speak his mind. Most rappers take a page from Tupac when it comes to being “in your face”. The fate set out for him would have taken place no matter the time of him being on this planet, he would have made enemies regardless. His legacy though, despite the time in Hip-Hop would be the same. For him, this was part of a bigger plan. to quote him: "I'm not saying I will change the world, but I guarantee you, that I spark the brain that will”.



Rest In Power Tupac.


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