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Black Panther - Review


Black Panther - Review

I finally got the chance to check out Black Panther and my thoughts on the movie? I’ll  be to the point and spoiler free. NO bs.


First, lets get this out the way, I am not a Marvel fanboy. I never read the comic book, so whatever I know of Black Panther has been from what I have seen in other Marvel movies.


Second, my expectations were somewhat not that high, I have seen the other MCU movies and thought they were well done. I dig Captain America, Thor somewhat and Iron Man the most. However, I am a bit burnt out with all the super hero movies. Moving on, Black Panther seemed interesting and the trailer and the roll out with Kendrick Lamar working on the soundtrack etc. sort of amped me up to go give it a shot.


Vibranium is actually the metal that makes Captain America’s shield so kick ass


The movie is mostly set in Wakanda - a fictional, hidden, technologically advanced country in Africa. The reason for Wakanda’s huge developments in technology, medicine and other areas is due to their large quantities of a metal called Vibranium. Vibranium is very important in the MCU. Vibranium is actually the metal that makes Captain America’s shield so kick ass. The special metal gives the fictional rational for all of Black Panther’s gadgets, weapons, body suit and so on.


The movie starts off by giving you a quick background of how Wakanda came to posses Vibranium and then, there’s a lead up to T’Challa’s fathers death reminding us that Ulysses Klaw is the crooked super villain. Due to T’Challa’s father dying, this is how he is crowned King of Wakanda and vows to protect his country with Klaw at the top of the list as the countries immediate threat.


Ulysses Klaw is also accompanied by Erik Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan) who turns out has a far more menacing, revenge filled plan than Klaw could have put together.


Overall, the way everything plays out is fast paced and not leaving anything out that doesn’t pertain to just Black Panther. Even if you haven’t watched any of the previous MCU movies, it’s ok, because the few bits and pieces that come into play from other movies, are all tied in to this one.  Nothing would be confusing to somebody watching this if it’s the first MCU movie.


I would say, you have to keep in mind that the MCU consist of all the  Super Heroes listed above and more. So, we’re talking about somebody from another planet, a Billionaire playboy who wears a suit that fly’s, Doctor Strange and all his mind bending antics and the many other extraordinary characters. So, a super mega advanced hiding under a hologram country in Africa, is not supposed to be farfetched.


The visuals of Wakanda are dope. The fight scenes, looking at it, they are somewhat few.


The movies colors along with African Garb and the representation of the tribes living in Wakanda give it a lot of flare. The visuals of Wakanda are dope. The fight scenes, thinking back, they are somewhat few. I must admit there’s nothing impressive about any of the fight scenes. The acting taking everything into account, everybody plays their role. There isn’t a stand out performance, everybody is up to standard. I will confess though, I like Michael B. Jordan and what he does as a villain. The dread locks look dope as fuck too. Black Panther roams backed up by female warriors who do their damn thing. All women are with bald heads or looking natural, fit, as best can be interpreted of African beauty.


Is it entertaining? Yes, you will be entertained. There are some political jabs made, about refugees and how Wakanda can do more to help the outside world and such themes of boarders but they’re kept to a minimum. Erik Killmonger also has a particular view of the world, that can come off as he was brought up by 5%ers from Harlem, wanting to rid all colonizers of the world. Humor, here and there is just enough to get a few laughs in before moving on to the next action or fight scene.


I would say, give this movie a go, if you’re having doubts. We enjoyed it and I recommend it. If it was wack, trust me… I would be the first to let you know, at Playas Only, its played out.




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