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Grocery Shopping Done Right


Grocery Shopping Done Right

Grocery stores are designed with the single purpose to make your stay as long as possible and  spend as much as possible. From the parking lot all the way up to the check out desk, you remain a potential victim to marketing strategies.

We have compiled the 5 tips to help you avoid being prey.

Ready for battle?:


TIP 1  - A very basic one – Do not shop hungry. Hunger has the huge potential of shaping how we see reality. Studies show that hungry shoppers spend 70% more.


TIP 2Avoid the aisles

The items in your cart will get less and less healthy the longer you remain in the aisle  grabbing stuff from this area. The registers are also packed with unhealthy temptations, unfortunately we cannot avoid the register and even if you give in at the last minute, just don’t do it!


TIP 3Make a list – enter the store with a plan. If you do not set up a goal for yourself- other people will



TIP 4Buy in bulk to save money ; To start a food storage system ;  To shop less often
What foods to buy in bulk:

1. Apples

2. Strawberries- Place in the freezer

3. Onions & peppers –Place in in the freezer

4. Cheese – Place in the freezer

5. Spices

6. Dry pasta

7. Canned goods 

8. Oats

9. Meat – Place in the freezer


And last but not least....


 - We know that the less ingredients, the healthier the product. A banana has only nature as an ingredient, all is natural ; while a hot pocket has over 50 ingredients, named with long, complicated words that are intentionally crafted to be misunderstood. Nature not being one of them.

Try to stick to foods that have less than 5 ingredients.


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