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Things To Consider For a Healthy Diet

Things To Consider For a Healthy Diet


Things To Consider For a Healthy Diet

Trying to keep a healthy diet is not that easy.You have to be aware of your intake. Most importantly, you need to ensure the diet itself doesn’t do you harm. At times when attempting to lose weight or maintain a certain weight, people can get extreme, and end up doing more damage to their body than intended.

There are a lot of “myths” if you wish to call it that, that many want to follow and truth be told. A lot of these suggestions are just not applicable. Remember, everybody is different.Lets go through some.

You shouldn’t eat after 6:00 PM - Generally, it isn’t a good idea to eat a lot 3-4 hours before sleep. The reasoning though its not totally because you may gain weight, but because eating before bed time triggers what can be deemed as bad habits”.

Brown bread is healthier - The calories in white and brown bread are roughly the same.

You can drink as much freshly squeezed juices as you like - The truth is, you should limit it to no more than 3 glasses a day. Too much of anything, is well… too much.

Eat sushi when on a diet -  The cheese , mayonnaise and soy sauce in it contain a lot of calories. So although for many, they are touting sushi as a good healthy meal, there’s still somethings on the sushi to keep an eye on.

Chocolate is bad for your figure - A piece of dark chocolate is good for you. Why you ask? Dark chocolate is a good source of heart protective antioxidants, known as flavonols.

Eating less will make you thinner - Eating 5-6 times a day will place you whatever weight you wish to be. However, you need to ensure they are small meals and not over the top, lets eat up the whole village Super Sized  meals.

You  should drink 1.5 – 2 liters of water a day - You should drink as much as your body requires. Cut out the Coca Cola and all other funny drinks. Whenever feeling thirsty, quench your thirst with water.

Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar - Brown and white sugar are equally bad for you. In general, eating less sugar will strengthen your immune system, take care of insomnia ,stabilize emotions,  improve your skin, brings down the risk of chronic diseases, slows down the aging process. Consider less sugar altogether.




Bonus Round

What products you should not eat on an empty stomach:

Cold drinks - worsen blood circulation in the stomach - instead try oats as they cover the mucous membrane , protecting the stomach.

Sweet things as they can lead to diabetes - Though honey , is a natural provider of energy and improves brain functions

Spices Irritate the mucous membrane and increase the production of stomach acids - Instead, wheat, rich in vitamin E helps “switch on” the intestine

Fancy pastries have yeast that irritates the stomach lining - instead try unleavened bread , which is best digested in the morning.

Citrus fruits cause heartburns, increase the chances of developing gastritis and ulcers - You can go for NUTS, which normalize the acidity levels and improve the digestive system.

Fermented milk products – the hydrochloric acid “kills” all the useful ingredients

Pears – crude fiber can injure the stomach’s mucous membranes.

Tomatoes being highly acidic can cause gastric ulcers.

Green vegetables can cause heartburn , excess gas and discomfort.

Bananas are absorbed too quickly and this can overload the heart.

Carbonated drinks decrease blood circulation , making it harder for you to digest.

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