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While You Sleep

I promised myself I would not write about the presidential candidacy because it seems like a puppet show to me. Honestly, “they are who we thought they were”. The United States is a corporate business. You might say to yourself, no sh*t! Let’s look at the structure from a corporate perspective and see if you’re votes really count. 


  In a corporate environment, how are you identified? Employee number. Not your name your number. Not anything else. Your number! In the United States what identifies you? Your birth certificate? No. Name? No. Social security number? Of course. How do you get raises? During your review, if you’re reliable, no complaints, work hard etc. How do you get raises in the United States? By accumulating good credit, paying your taxes and not breaking any of the many, many, many laws and ordinances. Most corporations like to promote from the inside. The United States promotes from the inside. What happens if you do all the right things during your employment in the corporate environment? You can either retire if you are lucky or get promoted. The point is the position stays open regardless and is filled with a new young person ready to pick up the baton and keep the marathon going. 


    To the corporation, no matter how hard you work, you can and will be replaced at any point. They do not care about you just the status of your employee number. Same thing with your social security number from the United States. Here is a question for all the parents. Who was one of the first people that came when you have a new born baby….Social security administration? Not sure about your experience but the social security rep was in and out like lightning. No questions taken no nothing…in and out. We as parents see this moment as the best part of our lives, the corporations are excited as well, new hire! FUCK! When we send our sons and daughters to fight the “terrorists” remember this is a corporation and what they are really trying to do is securing materials for their production whether it is opiate fields, oil reserves and whatever natural resource they need to continue their mass production.


   When I take a look at both candidates I see not only pick your poison but they are asking you who will be the next COO or CFO to be elected. These candidates are no longer being hired by the people for the people. They are being hired by the corporation for the corporation. They are going to make sure the bottom line looks good. We gave up a lot of our personal freedom because we wanted security from “Terrorism”. So they decided, ok you need our protection to provide you with 24hr surveillance or random check points or whatever as long as we can be looking over your shoulder we will protect you from these terrorist hiding in tents, between mountains, in the desert, rubbing a magic lamp, riding a carpet, you get the idea. We hand it to them on a silver platter. We don’t know if these individuals exist but they say they do and that they are going to kill us if we don’t get protection. 


   So how do we combat this regime? Easier said than done but it can be done and it has to be done. First thing like any corporation where you are trying to correct the corrupt in a corporation is to go on strike. One of us cannot accomplish that because you will be replaced, you need a great size of their workforce to go on strike and then the changes will come. Let’s play the game as if all the votes that are taken matters. I believe the last time I voted there was candidate 1 or 2 or other. I wonder what would happen if we all voted other? Who will be elected? The decision would probably fall on the votes of who currently sits at the big table. So vote for Hilary, Trump or other and just like that, Hilary or Trump become president.  My advice to you if you are going to vote, don’t vote for one or the other just for the sake of voting, if anything pick other! Either way right! Every year more and more people vote. Remember rock the vote? Get out and vote! So when the changes you were promised do not manifest, you can only blame yourself because you voted right? That’s deception, let’s take back this great country of ours, help expose the hypocrisy in this country we love.



M. Foley





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