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Humans in Space - Creepy Testimonials


Humans in Space - Creepy Testimonials

Is there a secret space program in the US or in other countries? Information about what is happening in space is definitely extremely sensitive. Several solid testimonies from military and politicians tell us that official access to much of it has several levels of "top secret" classification.



One of the most informative books on the issue of secret subdivisions that remain unknown to the general public comes from a direct participant in these processes. Lieutenant Colonel Philip Corso, who worked in the Secret Department of External Technology at the Pentagon, issued "The Day After Roswell" in 1997. The book provides many insights into the impact of extraterrestrial beings on international relations and US domestic politics. The author was a battalion commander of the European Air Force and director of the Department of Foreign Technology at the US Department of Defense. He was an eyewitness of an unprecedented leap in scientific discoveries that have been achieved in the implementation of military back-up engineering for alien technology. This means scientists have borrowed technologies from foreign civilizations and have given a boost to a revolutionary leap in our scientific development. Corso points out that some of these new technologies for humanity are laser, microelectronics, optical and superheated fibers.


Another solid source of information on the subject is the allegations in the open letter that US astronaut Gordon Cooper sent to the United Nations on November 9, 1978. Cooper calls for the creation of a high-level program to collect and analyze data from the whole Earth for alien encounters . An astronaut with a tremendous amount of experience and 222 flight hours in space, he is part of missions under the Mercury and Gemini projects. In his letter, he reports that as early as 1951, he was watching over Europe, when he saw  flying ships, he supposed to be aliens. He explains why many astronauts do not want to discuss UFO topics - they are afraid of being discredited by the governments unlimited resources.



 At the end of 2015 a new book on the subject of a secret space program was published. "Selected by Extraterrestrials" was written by William Tompkins, a retired aerospace engineer who works in a top secret research trust at the private Douglas Aircraft Company Corporation. He declared that he was involved in a project to develop an anti-gravity spacecraft with a kilometer (1093 yards) length customized by the US Navy.


Tompkins reveals details of Nazi Germany's secret space program in the 1940's and its sequel in the US. It is known that one of the tasks of Operation Paperclip was to transfer Nazi scientists to the United States, including NASA creator Werner von Braun, but there is still no formal confirmation as to whether another project assignment was to be transferred to US and the high-tech Nazi developments that were being prepared by the Nazi’s during World War II.


The book also talks about projects for aircrafts  with a length of 2.5 km (over a mile long) and antigravity engines. The results of Nazi research, according to Tompkins, serve as a basis for the advancement of the US space program and for the creation of a top secret space project.

The existence of this project was questionable until 2002, when the Scottish system administrator and hacker Gary McKinnon made the biggest breakthrough in cybersecurity at the time. For 13 months, he collected information from NASA servers and the Department of Defense. McKinnon confirms that the US Space Force is active in a “top secret” project, involving not less than 8 cylindrical-shaped "mother ships" and 43 reconnaissance apparatuses.

Over the past decades, a number of testimonies have emerged about the existence of this project. Even the Roswell disaster incident was reluctantly acknowledged as having happened after decades of denial. Perhaps the information will be confirmed as a secret high-tech space armada, which is still operating in nearby orbit, witnessed by participants in this “top secret” project.

This information is publicly disclosed by people in serious positions, who are, by all criteria, credible sources. Nonetheless, much of the public still expects official or religious leaders to officially confirm the existence of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. My personal opinion is that the right choice for a person seeking the truth is the withdrawal of trust in these institutions, its useless pressing for declassification or confirmation. The Earth revolves around the Sun, regardless of the opinions of the Popes and  Kings over the centuries. America was “found” on the notion that many thought the earth was flat. Especially the leaders of that time.


What are there the dangers of a secret space program? The question is whether this classification is in the interest of mankind or, as in this case, aims to maintain a limited view of the world and the cosmos in order to control people and preserve the strategic advantage of certain states.


In recent years, we have witnessed a controlled leak of information from participants in secret programs that themselves admit to being told to disclose information. Some of them may have been deliberately manipulated, having a good idea of the phenomena they encountered. Thus, without knowing, they can mislead the public and unknowingly engage in manipulative stories of shadowy forces.

So illumination and disclosure of information can also be detrimental to humanity! 
Particularly if it is false, one-sided, improperly represented or pushes fear in humans.

One of the safest ways to understand the authenticity of information is to trace the direction in which our source is trying to guide us. When we are urged to provide our efforts, trust and responsibility for our lives to an outside force, it is a sure sign that someone wants us to obey and and follow under their guidance.



Widespread claims were made in this direction to former Canada Defense Minister Paul Hellyer. In his words, trillions of dollars go to a black budget for a secret space program and other similar projects, and the big risk is that "US military  technology may be gained through alien knowledge" .

The maintenance of a secret space program ignores the foundations of modern political planning, state constitutions and international law principles. Unprecedented global challenges related to contacts with more advanced extraterrestrial races are not a justification for the existence of secret projects funded by black budgets. On the contrary, such contacts must be made public, so representation is legitimate and the positions being defended - in the interest of mankind rather than in a particular state.


If a country conceals information about something that is happening in space, seeking to use it for a strategic advantage, or because it can not explain it to people, it is not in the interest of its citizens or of humanity. We should  not  neglect the subject, the facts need to be presented openly. Thus, responses can be reached gradually, with research and impartial analysis. The results, I'm sure, would have changed human civilization forever.

Hypothetically, some state and non-state organizations could launch space launches without being registered. Since there is no common supranational and country-independent surveillance system, they would become known to a very limited number. If we look forward to global problems being solved by presidents and prime ministers, we are doomed to be disappointed. International treaties are created and adopted slowly and hardly, and when they are already a fact, they are often not ratified (as is the case with the 1979 Moon Treaty) or they are a set of compromises that make them almost meaningless legal instruments.

Before the truth makes you free, you have to find out whose lie you are a hostage to.

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