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Tory Lanez - Memories Dont Die Album Review


Tory Lanez - Memories Dont Die Album Review

I’ll admit, off the top I have only heard him on features. I know this is his second album, however I did not pay any attention to his older stuff. For every feature I heard him on I felt he was the weakest link and did a huge disservice to whatever song it was. What is good about this guy, I always thought.  I considered his singing  mediocre, too much autotune and sounding extremely amateurish. Somebody  let me know if I’m the only one who thought that?

I went to his youtube channel and tried to view and listen to some of his videos… and I found LA Confidential to be all right. What is it that appeals of this guy so much to people? I really needed to know.  Is it the beats? I don’t find the beats all that tough. They are generic trap, heavy 808 drums or whatever. It can’t just be me who’s thinking the same way.

Looking around for more, I found that the one track with most views on YouTube is Say It. Which I listened to it, and admit that his singing on this was pretty good. However, it’s a remake of a 90’s track by R&B female group Brownstone. The original song is “If You Love Me”. So really, what makes this dude so special?

Moving on to his recently released 2nd album Memories Don’t Die, guess what? All those features he was on within the last year or so… MC’s who called on him, got played! Clearly he saved the best for his album. The album is made up of 18 pieces to complete the body of work. With big names features from Future, Fabulous, Wiz Khalifa and 50 Cent to name some, nobody really "bodied" him on his own track per-se.  Was that enough to convince me that he’s bringing something to the table? For starters, lets just say, he’s able to make songs and good songs at that.

First comes the intro that leads to the opening full length track titled Old Friends x New Foes. The beat catches you instantly and he pretty much just raps, which is dope. The track is lit, with some catchy bars here and there.



“Said I got a million ties
You got a million ways to get it, well, I got a milly and five
I really will donate a mill to my city, it's gettin' too real to survive”


The following track is Shooters, which I’m sure many of you have heard, the track was released some time back. The beat is cool or whatever, at the time it dropped, I couldn’t get into it, and I still cant frownyell




The next track 4 Me, the singing improves, but again he’s singing. Song is OK, I’m sure some of his followers are into this, maybe the female followers, or the tini-bop teen fans. Skrt Skrt sounds like a remake of Dat Sexy Body by Sasha an old school dancehall track. This particular track should be a hit, if pushed right with spring getting closer moving into the summer, this should be a smash at the clubs. The video, is sort of blah if you ask me though. So they may have already dropped the ball on that one.




We then get into Benevolent, which is straight bars, with a hard beat. Around the 2 minute mark, the beat switches up, he continues on a bragged up rap, explaining his new life straight spitting. With lines like:


“Brown face Presidential, Obama
Top floor of the Trump, like I got no honor
I never said it though I kinda said it
I'm cruisin' through New York in a 9/11
Used to fuck Junie round 9/11
Fly nigga in the buildin' like 9/11”

At this point, you get the idea, Tory Lanez has put together an album that mixes up his singing along with some tough ass bars.

Stand Out Tracks:

Hate To Say
48 Floors (Feat. Mansa): All though singing, song is dope
B.B.W.W x Fake Show

Pieces (feat. 50 cent): This samples Stings - Shape of My Heart. It’s a story that he takes us trough about a rape victim and how her pain and actions lead to more people suffering and dealing with pain. 50 Cent comes off on this track, overall though this is one song that assures me that Tory Lane is worth giving a shot.

I would say all the songs with others featured are good, all of them are firm in their own way.

Overall Impression:


Clearly Drake is a huge influence on him, they are both from Canada and have some sort of history.

My only gripe with Tory Lanez, at times is his flow reminds me of Drake, this is also with the beat selections. A lot of beats sounds like something Drake would rock to. Clearly Drake is a huge influence on him, they are both from Canada and have some sort of history. If you pick up on the similarities quickly and make this a reason to not continue to listen, I would say give him a shot, there are many moments when he escapes and displays his own specifics, especially on Pieces (feat. 50 Cent). Is that a reason to write him off? If Drake is the big homey from the 6, so be it.

After listening to this album, I also don’t totally dig the singing. He can spit, without a doubt, the singing though, the jury is still out in my opinion. Drake also sings and raps at the same time, when he sings and then raps, it sounds cohesive. With Lanez, at times he has a high pitched voice, others not. For somebody not aware of whats going on, they may think its like 3 artist on here. Tory Lanez can easily be a trio. LOL




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