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Digavel - Coupe Dreams And Other Things


Digavel - Coupe Dreams And Other Things

We got the  chance to catch up with Digavel an up and coming artist from the North East, Lawrence Massachussetts to be exact. His music definitely deserves a listen. You will experience tripy beats with hard lyrics and street imagery, letting you know that it is more than just a coupe he's dreaming about.


PlayasOnly: Where you from?

Digavel: Born & raised in Lawrence, MA

PlayasOnly: When did you decide, that being a rapper is what you want to do?

Digavel: When I turned 16 I started writing music and stuck with it since, writing songs everyday and going to the studio every chance I got.

PlayasOnly: What is the message of your music?

Digavel: I would say the message of my music is to get it anyway you can no matter what it is.

PlayasOnly: Who are your biggest influences?

Digavel: One of my biggest influences growing up were rappers like 50 cent, Camron, & a more recent artist Chief Keef. Those rappers are a big influence in my style of music.

PlayasOnly: How are you seeking to expand your fan base?

Digavel: I plan on expanding my fan base by getting on bigger platforms and putting my music on pages with a good amount of Followers to get myself noticed.

PlayasOnly: Which is your favorite track on your current project?

Digavel: My favorite track on my current project Coupe Dreams, is “Still” out now on all streaming sites.

PlayasOnly: When is your next project dropping?

Digavel: Next project “TG4L” dropping March 2020.


PlayasOnly: Share with us a little bit of your background?


Digavel: My background is a big part of the way I carry myself, my dad got locked up for 10 years when I was 3 until 13 and I was raised by my mom and it wasn’t easy growing up Where I come from especially without my dad. I went through a lot and did a lot that’ll probably get me in Trouble if I get into full detail and I express a lot of that through my music.

PlayasOnly: What is your dream collaboration?

Digavel: If I could get a collab from anyone right now would have to be G Herbo

PlayasOnly: Are you doing it for the money, fame, or for the love?

Digavel: I’ll say I’m doing this for the love, I enjoy doing music and it helps me get away. Even with no fame or money involved I would still enjoy doing music.

PlayasOnly: What advice do you have for up and coming artist?

Digavel: My advice for any upcoming artist never give up even when you feel like you can’t keep going, stay independent and invest in yourself, and stay focused.

PlayasOnly: What's the most difficult part in your song creating process?

Digavel: The most difficult part in my song process would have to be writing because sometimes it’s too time consuming

PlayasOnly: Do you write your lyrics?

Digavel: Being creative is a big part of being an artist and coming up with your own lyrics takes being creative. I don’t consider artist who don’t write their own lyrics creative and I wouldn’t give them as much credit as I would to an artist who does come up with their own lyrics.

PlayasOnly: What keeps you to ensure consistent creativity?

Digavel: To ensure consistent creativity I always keep my ear to the streets listening to new artist and what’s trending.

PlayasOnly:What can the listeners expect from your next project?


"I’ll say I’m doing this for the love, I enjoy doing music and it helps me get away. Even with no fame or money involved I would still enjoy doing music."

Digavel: From my next project you can expect to learn a lot about me I never exposed in my music before.


You can catch Stream Coupe Dreams on , Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal and all other platforms.



Reach out to him on social media! Instagram or Twitter.




 Check out a video to one of  the tracks on the album. As well as another track which is our personal favorite. The whole joint slaps! Go stream that now!







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