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Jazzma Kendrick - Summer Bliss


Jazzma Kendrick - Summer Bliss

As Black History Month comes to a close, It's also a good time to start getting ready for that warm weather. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm into the thick, lots to grab women just like the next man but this  young lady, if she were a season, we'll have to call her Summer and it will always be hot. She reminds us what all that hard labor of working out all year round really is worth. And I'm not hating, because I love the summer. It’s that time when sunny days are best spent tanning on the beach. It’s when if you’re as white as rice you better get some sun on your back ASAP. It’s that time when I came across her IG profile and said to myself - damn, black woman are beautiful.


"damn, black woman are beautiful"


This fine ass specimen is Jazzma Kendrick. Jazzma is an American born model. She’s 26 years old, and has an amazing physic. Jazzma is the type of girl that, looks good in just about anything. She post modeling many different outfits and so on, and they all look splendid, mainly due to her physical build. However, lingerie or swimsuits, she is something else. I cannot wait until summer to really stalk her IG, this is what we're going to focus on as far as pictures go . Her body is the type that was made to cherish the beams of the summer sun, or walk around my living room naked (don’t we all wish).


Jazzma has a modest 309K followers on instagram. Again, her captions are not all that and although she post many videos, she doesn’t talk much, its mainly just modeling some outfit or whatever. What do we care anyway? (Haha, just kidding Jazzma). She's also a real estate agent and sells properties right off her IG  page. Other than IG, I must admit I have never seen much of her. I have spotted her in several music videos for R&B acts etc.nothing major unless you know who she is, you may not spot her.


Below are some of the pics that catch our attention. If you’re not already following her,we would advise you hurry up and do so, before I marry her and ask her to make it a private account.


For all your viewing pleasures, check out her profile here.








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