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Morning Workout


Morning Workout

I woke up really early to do my Zumba workout, as usual, though I was really tempted to wake him up for a different kind of cardio. I decided to be nice and allow him to indulge in a couple more hours of sleep because he works his ass off and this is supposed to be his"downtime."


 I slipped quietly out of bed and grabbed my workout clothes before silently closing the door behind me. After changing, I made my way downstairs, keeping the volume on the XBOX One fairly low so as not to wake him.


After I started up the console, I was trying to decide what kind of workout I was in the mood for. I decided on something with a Latino feel to it, having had my entire world rocked several times by a sexy man-beast of the same ethnicity the night before. I chose some salsa music and started my routines, quickly getting lost in the rhythm and beat of the music. I was apparently very engrossed in my workout; I didn't even hear him come up behind me.


 "It's like this," he tells me, putting his hands on my hips, holding tight, and moving with me. The more we moved together, I could start to feel that he had some other cardio in mind, as I had earlier. I got quite excited immediately, as feeling his broad chest against my back and his massive arms tended to make me come completely unglued.


 He moved one of his hands from my hip up under my shirt, squeezing my tits and eliciting a loud moan, since I was already really turned on. I tried to turn around to face him, but apparently I was right where he wanted me, because he held me there.


"No te muevas," he tells me, knowing that even if I couldn't muster the brainpower to translate "don't move," I'd still know what he meant by his hands holding me in place and his arms wrapped around me.


 "Te quiero ahora, Papi," my emphasis on "Papi" more along the lines of pleading with him, because he knew that I wanted to be able to touch him. He decided that it wasn't time for that...yet.


 He slid the other hand down into my workout pants and between my legs, not surprised to find me already very wet, and knowing full well that Zumba couldn't take any of the credit.


 "Puedo ver eso," he tells me, turned on even more himself at the fact that he had such an effect on me. He found the fact that even looking at me a certain way would turn me into a busted faucet very empowering, and tended to exploit it whenever he could (not that I was complaining).


 He pulled my top off over my head and threw it to the side, my tits completely available to him, and then he pulled my workout pants down to reveal what he really wanted. He turned me so that I was facing the couch, and had me bend at the waist so that he could slide into me easier, which caused me to moan far louder than before.


 "Oh, Dios mío," it felt so good, I almost exploded right then, except it got even better. With one hand on my shoulder and the other on my opposite hip, you decide that slamming into me, balls-deep, was the way to go. Needless to say, you weren't surprised when an actual shout erupted from my mouth.


 "Damelo, Papi...por favor...más, más!!" I could actually feel him throbbing inside me; I was going to burst.


 "No más como eso...como este," you tell me, and I was confused, then dismayed for a second when you pulled out.


 "Que, Papi?? Dios mío!" I almost lost my damn mind when you slid into my ass, instead. I honestly thought I was going to strike out, it felt so good. Gently, at first, then harder and faster. Just when I thought I couldn't handle any more, we both exploded.


He very carefully pulled out, and I slowly stood up, trying to get my extremities and brain to function properly again.


 "Holy shit, that was amazing." I looked at him, smiling widely.


"No más Español?" he tells me, grinning wickedly.


"I can barely speak English right now, smartass," I laugh. "How about some breakfast, then we can work out again?" I wink at him.


"You're trying to kill me, aren't you?" he laughs at me.


"I'm not keeping score, but I'm thinking we're somewhere in the "Double K-O" territory," we laugh some more.


"Well, we'll discuss it over breakfast; I seem to have worked up an appetite."


I collect my clothes (I seem to be the only one not wearing any), and we make our way to the kitchen, discussing what (if anything) else we may want to do for the day.




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