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Here Comes the Groom?


Here Comes the Groom?

Ugh. Weddings. I tried, as the head of security for the event, to hide my disgust. Why the hell do people bother getting married anyway? The occasion itself costs a fortune, only to invest yet another fortune in court and divorce fees. Hard pass, thanks; I like playing the field.


 I slowly made my way around the perimeter, making sure everyone was accounted for on the list and doing what they were supposed to be doing. My team looked great, professional, and stayed out of the way, which was exactly the way it was supposed to be. So far, so good.


 I tried to keep a straight face as I closed in on the room I was looking for -- I needed to do a last-minute "check" with the groom to make sure the security stayed tight and no one got in that wasn't supposed to -- like the bride's father. From what I heard, he was a real piece of work, and under no circumstances allowed on the premises.


 The wedding, being the second for both of them, was taking place in an old castle that had been restored. They figured, having both been married before, it would be better than having it in a church. Despite my disdain for weddings in general, I tended to agree, despite the particular nightmare that the formation of the property caused.


 I closed in on the part of the building where the groom and your side of the wedding party were getting ready for the event, set to take place in about an hour. I did a last-minute check before knocking on the door, and decided that you'd definitely seen me in worse shape, so I knocked on the door.


 "Who the hell is it now?!" I hear a familiar voice from inside. I try to keep a straight face, because I knew that he wasn’t excited about going through with this whole thing. Again.


 "Yeah, I'll get it," a less familiar voice calls out to you.


 The door opens and the not unattractive Best Man looks me up and down; a response I'm more than a little used to.


 "Yeah? What is it?" he asks, in a "get to the point" tone. Must be someone the groom works with; they all are "I want the baby, not the labor pains" kind of guys, so I'm used to it.


 "Hi, Head of Security...I'm sorry to trouble you, but I just have a couple of last-minute things to run by Officer Carroll before the wedding and reception, if he could?" I hoped that using his title instead of his first name might give the impression of a lack of intimacy between us, which, in reality, couldn't be farther from the truth.


A glint of recognition flashed across his face, and disappeared just as quickly, so as not to betray familiarity to his friends. If they noticed, no one let on; even though some, if not all, of them might even know who I am, whether they realized it or not.


 "Yeah, guys, we're gonna need the room for a minute. I'll call you when we're done," you directed at them, and they cleared out quickly. Whether he was their superior at work or they just didn't want to stress him out more than what he was already, I couldn't tell, but it gave us the room, so I didn't much care.


 I crossed the room to him, starting with some rhetoric about the security, and as soon as the door closed behind the last of the guys, he was already unbuttoning my shirt and lifting my skirt. I made short work of undoing his pants, getting to what I really wanted, and not surprisingly, he didn't need much encouragement. I found myself wishing I could have photographed the shirtless, tux-slacks combo; it definitely worked and I was turned on immediately.


 "You sure you want to go through with this? I could tell everyone that it's canceled and to go home," I managed to get that out just before he bent me over the bed and is balls-deep inside me. I stifled a loud moan; the last thing we needed was to get busted fucking less than an hour before the ceremony.


 He tells me, “nothing is going to be any different, nothing will change, I have to do this for her," grabbing my hips and burying himself in the tight, wet pussy that he had become so familiar with over the past several months.


 He flipped me over, kissing me hard, and grabbing my tits. The front-clip bra was definitely a good call today (albeit completely intentional), and he expertly opened it to expose my chest. I grabbed his ass -- hard -- and pulled him into me, wrapping my legs around him.


 "Jesus, you feel amazing!" I whispered as loudly as I dared, stifling yet another loud moan. I just couldn't help it.


 "I've wanted this all day," he told me, sliding his hand up around my throat, grabbing tight. The other hand held my waist, pulling into me, fucking me harder.


Our breathing quickened; I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. I could tell, based on the vast experience in being with him that he was getting close.


 "Do it...I want to feel you fill me..." I tell him, and I can feel he exploded inside me, causing me to do the same, and it was all I could do not to scream; it felt so incredible.


We cleaned ourselves up, and you half-dressed as you had been before I walked in. I walked to the door, and opened it to walk out, talking about security bullshit to keep the focus off of my face and what likely appeared to be "JBF hair."


 "OK, so I'll take care of those things, and we're good to go! Thanks again, and congratulations!" "Thanks for letting me borrow the groom, guys!" I said to his friends outside the door. If any of them knew, they never said anything; it would seem that our secret is safe.



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