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About us

PLAYAS ONLY  is a peer to business to peer network. It offers a music marketplace for buying and selling songs or full length albums.


Our mission is to help you distribute your music to as many outlets as possible with the goal to reach your intended audience.


The music marketplace lets you share your songs, sell them for any price you wish, and provide you with the means to promote and brand your music. It allows for an even playing field, where no musician is promoted more than any other based upon your sales or popularity. We push the site as a whole treating each artist with equal value.





When you use us directly, you have the ability to bypass third parties and instantly start getting your music available for sale. You get to be your own business and deal only with us. That means no paying extra commissions, no set pricing for songs, or annual fees you must pay to sell your music. It also means you can create and promote your music as you wish, without big labels or record executives telling you what to do.


You only pay us a fee for each song and or album you sell. Our fees are flexible. They are a percentage of each sale. We are also willing to work with you making the fees negotiable.



Over 21,000 songs and 3200 artists
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