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It’s not a household name just yet, but take our word for it, it soon will be! Leah Jung is not only a model that is captivating beauty at first sight; she also has stunning body art that makes her all the more of a pleasure to look at. But if that wasn’t enough, Leah Jung can sing her ass off! And that my friends, is the main reason why Leah is on the come up.

PlayasOnly.com: Please tell us a bit about yourself and who you are?

Leah: “Most people recognize me from my modeling, I’ve graced the cover of five major tattoo magazines in the last year, among a bazillion other things. Behind the pretty face though is a massive set of lungs. Well, I suppose that would be “below the pretty face”… hmm.”

PlayasOnly.com: What music first captured your attention and sparked the interest in music?

Leah: “When I was really little I probably just sang along to cartoon theme songs a lot. I had a few cassettes around age 7, Pat Benetar, The Judds, Patsy Kline, Michael Jackson. I just connected with music.”

PlayasOnly.com: What else can you do musically besides vocals? Piano, guitar any instruments?

Leah: “I’ve taken both piano and guitar lessons briefly, but neither one struck a chord in me quite the way that the voice does.”

PlayasOnly.com: Who are your top 3 vocalists, dead or alive and why?

Leah: “Christina Aguilera, Fiona Apple, Sarah Vaughan.”

Leah: “Christina is my generation’s golden voice as far as I’m concerned. I enjoy powerful ballads and pop music (in addition to death metal and old school hardcore, I’m a curious mix) and she has impressed me as an artist and with her strength, for a decade.”

Leah: “Fiona I relate to more. Sultry, tumultuous, enigmatic. I’ve listened to Tidal and Extraordinary Machine at least 1,000 times each.”

Leah: “Sarah, probably the most unrecognizable name among my fan base, passed away in 1990. She has the strangest voice, but so smooth and jazzy!”

PlayasOnly.com: If you could cover 1 track with one person, who would it be and why?

Leah: “Well, as much as I’d love to work with any one of the above three ladies, I don’t think our voices would work well as a duet. I think I’d like to cover Faith No More’s song “Epic,” and have Jay-Z rework the verses.”

PlayasOnly.com: How did the Humming Burden come into existence?

Leah:“We just happened. The Humming Burden is the sound of a scrutinized sky. A tremble that soars above the birds. A haunted cup of coffee. It is the opposite of an obnoxious song stuck in your head, but it sticks to your stones.”

PlayasOnly.com: The track you have, “Afraid” is killer! What inspired that beautiful song?

Leah: “Oh gosh, thank you! I wrote “Afraid” in college, almost immediately after I felt comfortable enough with my self-taught guitar skills to sing and play at the same time. This is pretty lame, but the lyrics were inspired by a dude I had a crush on for about a week altogether. I pulled in other elements from my brimming self-actualization, but that’s what sparked the chorus. “I won’t wait. I won’t be afraid that your love was never meant for me.””

PlayasOnly.com: Do you prefer recording or on stage? Small and intimate crowd or Amphitheater large?

Leah: “This is a crazy answer, but I don’t really love recording OR playing on stage…I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LIVE for both of them, but the adrenaline and the fear takes over me. I have an out-of-body experience until I get to pause and think, “hey, that went well.”  I love to sing, and I am compelled to share my message to the world with my songs. So, I manage. I remember when I was a preteen, maybe 12, I saw Janet Jackson in concert and at one point the energy of the crowd was so intense that she started to cry.  I mean, it might have been for show, or she might have been between medications or something, but it left an impact on me. I’d like to believe that was the moment she paused and realized how happy her fans were.”

PlayasOnly.com: If you had 1 choice to perform anywhere, where would it be and why?

Leah:“I’m from New York; I’d have to say Madison Square Gardens.”

PlayasOnly.com: I see that you are a huge fan of body art, I am as well. How many tattoos do you have? What is your favorite one?

Leah:“Individually, I think I’ve gotten 18 tattoos. If I don’t count the ones that have been blended together, I have 14 that do not touch one another. Somewhere between 150 and 200 hours of work. I don’t have a long-standing favorite. I consider them to be a gallery that all complement each other.”

PlayasOnly.com: What does your body art reveal about you?

Leah: “I’ve answered this before and the summarized response was “I don’t know and I don’t care.” Some time has passed since I said that, and now I believe that my body art conceals me more so than it reveals me. It might attract attention, but generally my tattoos raise more questions than they answer.”

PlayasOnly.com: What is in the future for Leah Jung?

Leah: “Album coming soon… world domination, less soon. A Grammy and a Playboy cover somewhere in between, maybe?”

PlayasOnly.com: Check out the track, “Afraid” and let us know what you think… personally, we at PlayasOnly.com certify it Fire!

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Peep these video of Leah Jung hard at work with her other god giving talent, looking good!


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  • Brookline

    I must say, that alfter listening to the song, you need to focus 100% on your singing career… modeling comes with the territory if you got a pretty face.

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    beautyful tattoo

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