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Sell Your Music:


You created a great track and wonder how to get it distributed? Sell it on PLAYAS ONLY. All you need is a quality MP3 file to upload to your profile.


Who Can Sell Music?


You must not be a professional, signed to a label, neither meet any requirement or other hindering conditions. 


- Your music must be of quality production, it should also be all your original creative material. 


  • Any copyright infringement of intellectual property of any third party, including registered or unregistered copyrights, trademarks, patents or duplication of any kind would not be allowed for sale.




You must first create a profile and upload your music. You can then set YOUR own price. This will add you into our catalog of artists allowing customers to search for you across the World Wide Web.




-You’re not amongst the endless amounts of commercial artist that are being pushed down upon us by the mainstream.


You’ll have the ability to bypass third parties and instantly start getting your music available for sale. 


- You get to be your own business. That means no paying extra commissions, no set pricing for songs, or annual fees. 


- Create and promote your music as you wish, without big labels or record executives telling you what to do.

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